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Love at first sight? Sure thing, baby, if that gets your clothes off faster. 


I’m not a love and rainbows kind of guy. Growing up, our family motto was “Want it - Take it” and I’ve grabbed every single opportunity that’s come my way. I work hard to prove I deserve it but Kingmaker is one of the biggest bands in the world and now, as lead guitarist, anything I could ever want gets handed to me on a regular basis. And while I’m grateful I’m also kind of adrift. What happens when you don’t have to work for anything?


But then a literal kick in the ass leads me to the girl of my dreams. Want it? 


Oh yeah. 


Just for one night. As a rock star, that’s usually my line but after laying hands on Natalie Harper, I’m playing a different tune.




A failure to plan is planning to fail.


That's the lesson of history, and as a history professor, I always have a plan. 


I like predictable and boring. They get a bad rap, but they’re safe and there’s nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, my brother missed the lesson. Now he’s on the bad end of a business deal, with no way out – until he offers me as the payment to Chicago’s biggest crime lord. 


But I’ve got a plan. I just need ten minutes alone with the crime lord’s rock star brother. As always, my plan comes together… and then goes straight out the window when ten minutes turns into twenty-four hours, and now Ajax wants a lot more than just one night.